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A Success Story & Testimonials

Dorothy: A Time to Heal Success Story

Dorothy came to me with a number of issues - severe lower back pain, anxiety, digestive problems, incontinence and shortness of breath. When she arrived for the first treatment, she had difficulty navigating the front steps and was winded by the time she got inside. The treatment took place on the first floor, as climbing the stairs to the second floor was daunting, if not impossible. The lower back pain originated at the site of a 30 year-old scar where she had had a number of vertebrae fused. It was so painful that touching it caused excruciating pain. The very lightest of touches was required. At the end of the treatment, she moved a little better, but still had the lower back pain. 

The second visit saw Dorothy walking a bit better and reporting better digestion, far fewer instances of incontinence and she "just felt better" all week. This time, a feather touch was used on the still-painful lower back. 

Dorothy arrived for visit three looking more relaxed, walking better. She walked up the steps with greater ease and headed for the second floor treatment room without getting winded. She held her head higher, her body displaying less tension overall. The lower back pain was less again.

On arriving for the fourth session, Dorothy recounted an upsetting personal incident and gave me the details as I worked on her back. While listening intently, I automatically did the lower back moves at the normal pressure... no reaction... she confirmed she had NO PAIN!  

Up until her most recent visit, Dorothy has not had a recurrence of the back pain, she feels far more relaxed, is moving better, has good digestion and less incontinence. 

She loves Bowen therapy.  ​

Words from Our Clients

C-Section Scar

— Kathryn A.

"My section scar feels flat, not as raised or bumpy as it once did. I had a look at it the other day and it seems to have faded as well. I have more sensation closer to the scar tissue that was not there before. I thought that once that skin and nerve was damaged, the sensation would not come black; I am pleasantly surprised.

Thank you so much for your help and therapy to making me feel well again, not just my scar but for my whole body."

Chronic Back Pain

"I am a 64 year old man who was unfortunate enough to have a sledding accident when I was 15 years old. Coming down a hill the sled went air borne and I landed on an exposed rock causing pain to my lower back. I went to the hospital and was advised that my back was bruised and should be fine in a few weeks. Well it is still not better and I have learned to leave with the pain in my lower back since 1966, chronic I believe is the word to use. I have visited chiropractors and Chinese acupuncture over the years and have found a form of relief but nothing worth talking about. My daughter who lives in Gander was having back problems and was advise to go visit a Bowen therapist in Gander in which she did. In no time she was on the phone calling her dad to tell me her great feeling after the treatment and that I must go get this treatment as well. I did. I booked a round of five treatments with Time to Heal and Joan Dohey. During the treatment I was skeptical to be honest as the treatment was very relaxed and no bending or flexing joints or bones to the point of more pain. Joan told me to allow a day or two for the body to adapt to this system. I honestly have to say that after the second treatment I absolutely felt no pain in my lower back, no pain. It was the first time since 1966 I had no pain in my lower back, no pain. I continue to return to Time to Heal for general touch ups and the effects of treatment last depending on what activities I do after leaving her office. Would I recommend Bowen Therapy, I certainly would.

Just as a few notes I would like to add. Mainly, Joan is a very friendly and personable young lady, I find her humorous character allows me to be very relaxed with each visit. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Bowen technique. Along with this she does mention her Master degree she has earned at university.

Thank You."

- Ray Lawlor
After a Recent Distance Bowen Session, Betty Wrote:

"Well Good Morning Joan - WOW, my legs don't feel as heavy and my back actually doesn't feel tangly any more!! A few Bowen sessions and I will be as right as rain. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ❤️"

And later that same day:

"Joan- my walking has improved and I feel like I have control of my legs again!!! I know a live session would be amazing as well, so, I would like to make an appointment please!

Thanking you again and in advance!

***Anyone having physical or emotional pain can get relief. The work that Joan Dohey does is Amazing! Bowen!! She gave me a long distance treatment, after a dozen or more falls. My legs and spine did not feel like my own and walking was like trying to get through concrete.

Joan's treatment took place during the night while I slept!!

I woke to no pain and my legs feeling lighter and much easier to move around. I am actually walking, with help of a cane much more normally than I was before that ONE treatment. I know Joan will help me get me legs back, ending the emotional sadness.

Thank you SO much Joan!!!"

​- Betty
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