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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

Sound vibrations affect the body at a cellular level.  Speaking, singing, and music all produce sound waves that affect our body, mind and spirit.

Sound waves produce different frequencies. Some cause stress, while others calm us and help us heal. Healing sound frequencies help to clear energy blocks in the body that can show up as tension, anxiety, pain and discomfort.

Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi chimes, drums and tuning forks are used in a Sound Healing session at Time to Heal to help relieve stress and even pain.

Sound Healing Singing Bowl

Session Info

In a 45–60-minute session, the client lies down and is made as physically comfortable as possible. A typical session begins with some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, preparing the client to allow the sounds of the instruments to wash over them, releasing stress and anxiety. As the client lets go, they receive the warm vibes into their body, mind and spirit.

This is a delicious technique for individuals of all ages, and can also be done in groups.


  • Session fee: $85 (+HST)

Insurance Coverage

Sound Healing is covered under the category of Naturopath by most insurance companies including:

- Sun Life

- Canada Life

- Blue Cross

- Green Shield

- Johnson’s

- Manulife

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