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Trauma Release

Trauma Release

What is Trauma Release?

Emotions and stress trigger a body’s fight, flight or freeze mode. In the long term, this may contribute to health issues, as the tissues of the body retain the memory of trauma. 


This effective “no-talk” technique integrates the body’s energetic and nervous systems in order to release entrained trauma.


This is energetic bodywork, NOT talk therapy. The goal is to release the trauma stuck in our body.

*Please note that serious psychological issues—including but not limited to abuse, mental illness, and addiction—should be addressed by a licensed professional

Trauma Release


This trauma release technique was developed by André Dückers (Netherlands), an osteopath who taught it to Madeline McBride of Ottawa, in July 2023. Madeline brought it to North America and enhanced it with the powerful energy system activation taught by Qi-Matic Healing Master-Instructor James Foo (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). And I was fortunate enough to be in the class where she first introduced this very valuable work!

I feel this technique is so needed, and now practice and teach the technique at Time to Heal.

Trauma Release

Possible Applications

Physical Trauma: The body’s tissues can retain the trauma after falls, accidents, serious injuries, surgeries, etc. Many bodyworkers have had clients who experienced a spontaneous emotional or physical release during a session that greatly assisted their physical healing. This technique accomplishes the release of retained trauma, but it is intentional, not luck or coincidence.

Traumatic Life Events: Apply this to people who have been severely stressed by robbery, betrayal, loss of job, war, fire, a destructive weather event, illness or injury of a loved one, or have otherwise have been emotionally stressed by events beyond their control. 

Relationships: Apply this technique to the underlying causes of emotions such as rejection, anger, betrayal, guilt, disappointment, grief, worry, and fear.

Session Fees:

  • Initial Session (60 minutes) - $90 (+HST)

  • Follow-up Session (60 minutes) - $85 (+HST)

Insurance Coverage

Access Bars is covered under the category of Naturopath by most insurance companies including:

- Sun Life

- Canada Life

- Blue Cross

- Green Shield

- Johnson’s

- Manulife

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