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Distance Healing Services

Distance Healing Hands

What is Distance Healing, exactly?

In Physics, we’ve learned we are all energy. Accessing the energy of the client virtually is often  more effective than in-person. Distance Healing is work not done in-person, but sent energetically to someone with intention to help the them remove blocks to their innate healing abilities.

Who can benefit from Distance Healing?

People living in remote areas, those who feel uncomfortable going into a clinic, or who need to isolate for whatever reason, those not keen on physical touch, people with very busy schedules who find it hard to take time out, can all benefit from this form of healing.

How is it done?

It can be done by phone, Zoom, or just arranged between the practitioner and client for a certain time, with contact at the beginning and end of the session. The most convenient means of delivering distance healing is by preparing the session with the intention that it be delivered while the client sleeps.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing Modalities

Modalities that I offer as Distance healing include:


  • Reiki

  • Rahanni

  • Bowen

  • Soul Genesis

Each of these modalities can help in their own way with conditions such as anxiety, depression, physical pain and other symptoms.

The advantages to Distance Healing Over In-Person Healing
  • It can be done anytime, at your convenience. In times of Isolation or if you live in a remote area, it is ideal.

  • In some cases, distance work seems to work more effectively than in person as the healing happens more fluidly without the distractions of the physical body and surroundings.

  • It costs less (at $70 + HST) for Reiki, Bowen, Rahanni.

  • $150 + HST for Initial Soul Genesis reading/clearing (+ HST), $140 for followup.

Try it for free!

I offer an Initial Distance Healing session of Bowen, Reiki and Rahanni for free, so people can make the choice as to whether they would like to receive more. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Also available for animals!

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