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Soul Genesis

What is Soul Genesis?

Does your energy feel heavy or chaotic? Discover who you are at a Soul level and clear blocks that are holding you back.


Soul Genesis clears and heals at the deepest soul level and can be applied to an individual, as well as a physical location or building, or a very stressful situation.

Soul Genesis

Personal Clearing

A Soul Genesis clearing is healing at the soul level. Sometimes issues affecting our lives and general health may be anchored at a level much deeper than the physical. Something is holding you back from being the best version of yourself... And the source of some issues may be at the soul level. Soul Genesis can help you move past those blocks!

An initial Soul Genesis clearing provides a soul profile, including:

  • Soul group: (similar to families, those of the same soul group share similar characteristics, strengths and challenges)

  • Eternal patterns (unconscious patterns that determine how you resolve conflict or react to situations)

  • Core wounds (unconscious obstacles that keeps you off course until it is healed)

  • Any damage or attachments that could be holding you back

  • and a whole lot more.

With your permission and information, the practitioner does a remote reading, gathering information about you and your residence from the Akashic Records. The results are reported to you, the client, and subsequently the clearing is done by the practitioner.

By getting to know your true core self, you can feel empowered to move forward in life. Learn what really makes you tick, have the unconscious blocks removed, get rid of dark energies.

Step into the true potential of your soul’s purpose.

Soul Genesis

Personal Clearing Session Info

Clearings can be done by distance, with consultations over the phone or via Skype, etc.

After your initial clearing, there are further levels of clearing that can be done. Just like cleaning house, it needs to be revisited from time to time, especially if you feel “off” and just can’t seem to shake it.


Level 2, 3 and 4 clearings costs a little less than the initial one, and may include coaching, and/or some other healing modality offered at Time to Heal.

These one-hour sessions are tailored to your needs.

  • ​Initial session: $150  (+HST)

  • Followup: $140  (+HST)

Soul Genesis

Building & Property Clearing

Do you have a feeling of discomfort when entering your home, work space or your property in general?  A feeling that you just can’t explain, but it’s “there”?

Feeling like this is often a reaction to residual energies, stagnant or negative, that exist in buildings or on properties.  

A Soul Genesis building and property clearing can remove those old energies, restore a sense of balance and harmony and create a positive atmosphere.

A Soul Genesis property clearing consists of a remote reading of the premises.  With your permission, the practitioner will scan for residual energy from past occupants, negativity, spirits, and any kind of heavy energies that create a feeling that something is “not right”. The practitioner clears away specific problematic elements, then infuses the property with peace and harmony.

Remove stagnant and negative energies so there is a welcoming feel to your space.

Revitalize the energy of any property. Re-establish balance and flow in the building and the land -usher in a new, fresher feel- a breath of fresh air that allows everyone to feel at ease in your space.

Clear out the old, and usher in a new, fresher feel- a breath of fresh air that allows everyone to feel at home.

Infuse a feeling of comfort and welcome in any property!

  • Individual Property Clearing (remote): $140 (+HST)


“The day after my SG clearing, I felt this joy and lightness that I didn’t even realize were missing. Knowing the qualities and characteristics of my soul have helped me understand why I am the way I am, and has served as a lens through which I see my daily life. I am really living closer to my Highest Potential right now. I am so very grateful to have a clean slate- now, to ensure I don’t fall into old patterns!  The advice offered by Joan, along with conscious living, and maybe a little coaching will keep me on the right track!”

-M.D., St. John’s

Insurance Coverage

Personal clearing sessions with Soul Genesis is covered under the category of Naturopath by major insurance companies; however, building & property clearing is not covered. 

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